We're providing the home medical equipment industry with the resources they need to know what’s in their medical records

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Achieve Compliance and Maximize Reimbursement

When processing a claim, it’s crucial to ensure it meets the necessary coverage criteria for reimbursement. CompliantRx makes it easy for you to identify each criteria for Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial patients, standardize medical record review, and provide your staff with the tools required for a clean claim. With DME margins already low, sending out accurate claims through CompliantRx helps keep your reimbursements and protect against audits, leading to a successful outcome for your business.

The Problem

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  • 64.1 %Insufficient Documentation
  • 13.6 %Medical Necessity
  • 10.6 %Incorrect
  • 6.9 %Other
  • 4.8 %No documentation

Our Solutions

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Patient Intake

Eliminate the need for manual patient data entry in your billing system with CompliantRx. Our tool can quickly identify patient demographic information and automatically create a patient profile in your CRM with just one click.

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Medical Record Review

Our innovative technology simplifies medical record review and quickly identifies critical coverage criteria to ensure that your claims are compliant and processed efficiently. Say goodbye to manual and time consuming reviews, and experience the ease and convenience of CompliantRx.

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CGM Resupply Automation

Eliminate the hassle of faxing back and forth with the doctor’s office to obtain CGM 6 month continued use documentation. CompliantRx offers a fully automated e-prescribe solution that streamlines the process of obtaining the necessary medical records, so you can continue providing exceptional care to your patients without the burden of manual paperwork.



With CompliantRx’s advanced AI technology, you can reduce the time it takes to review medical records by up to 80%.

Within minutes, our platform will identify and highlight the coverage criteria, giving you confidence when submitting claims for reimbursement.


Our platform ensures that each record is thoroughly reviewed with accuracy and consistency, reducing the risks of errors and streamlining operations.

This ensures compliance with insurance payers and gives you confidence in the quality of care you provide


CompliantRx’s AI-powered platform leverages industry-first automation and document retrieval technology to ensure accurate and timely resupply for patients, reducing the risk of error and improving compliance.

By streamlining the resupply process, healthcare providers can improve efficiency and patient satisfaction simultaneously. With our platform, you can enhance the quality of care provided to patients and optimize your operations for better outcomes.

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